Video Recording & Editing

D.N.A. Stage provides affordable packages that suites your needs – to help your ideas grow or to help promote your business online

We now offer videography for you events recorded in Full HD and 4K

Here are a few things we have to offer:

  • Events – Festivals, Weddings, Conferences, Meetings
  • Documentary
  • Music Video
  • Advertisement / Commercial use
  • Live Performance(s)
  • Archival

Our goal is to provide a professional service to help artist, musicians, language speakers and all of the above – to help grow their abilities with hands on learning & experience.

Package 1

1 Camera operator / Audio technician

Half day or less of video recording

2-6 hrs of video editing

Video file on USB


Package 2

1 Camera operator

1 Audio technician

Half day – 2 days of recording

3-9 hrs of video editing

Option: DVD + Cover design (Minor)

1 – 350 Copies


Package 3

2 Camera operator

1 Audio technician

1-2 day(s) of video editing

DVD + Cover design (Premium)

1 + Unlimited copies

Video files on USB